Minutes of the London Area Meeting for Thursday 10th January 2019

By | January 22, 2019

Minutes of the London Area Meeting for Thursday 10th January 2019 The Pedham Golf Centre, London Road, Swanley, Kent BR88PP

Present:Dave Warren (Concord); Bob Ryan (Bickley); Steve Brett (Bickley); John Lewis (Epping & North Weald); Martin Dilly (Croydon); Neil Bradshaw (FOOHLS); Dave Chinnery (Hayes); Tim Billings (Concord); Terry Rounce (Bretons); Bill Wheeler (Bickley)

Apologies: for absence;


Minutes of the previous Meeting:These were accepted.

Matters ArisingNone

Chairman’s report.Nothing to report.

Vice Chairman’s report.Nothing to report.

Secretary’s report. Welcome to Tim.

Treasurer’s report. Terry reported that there was £878.29 and 36p in the two accounts. There was a request from Neil Bradshaw for £100 for a pylon racing event at FOOHLS on 20thJanuary. This was proposed by Neil and seconded by Bob Ryan. Terry asked for forthcoming requests: Steve Brett said that Bickley would be asking for support for their two events, Martin mentioned the Croydon Wakefield Day and Dave Warren said that there was going to be a BMFA Examiners Day.

Achievement Scheme Coordinator’s Report. There was a general discussion led by Dave and Bob about issues regarding drones in the light of proposed legislation from November. There would be little impact for BMFA/LMA members but a possible change in the distance from airports to model flying fields could have an impact.Dave was grateful to Bob Ryan for agreeing to become area chief examiner for helicopters and by implication also for fixed wing.

Area Delegate’s Report.Martin Dilly reported that a number of issues were on the agenda for the forthcoming Council Meeting. The first concerned a proposal to divide financial support for the three RC Power Teams proportionally on the basis of the number of entrants in the respective disciplines at the Nats. There was some discussion but there was a feeling that this would set a dangerous precedent as there were some competitions at the Nats. with small numbers of competitors but world class performers such as CL Speed. There was a proposal regarding the response to extreme weather at the Nats which seemed reasonable to the committee. The third item concerned a proposal to establish a specialist body for Fun Fly. There was some discussion about the wording of this document. It was felt that while the proposal could contain posts it could and should not contain specific names. The fourth item was a suggestion that a standing item on the Council Agenda should relate to Buckminster Lodge. There was general support for this.Terry agreed to cover for Martin at the Areas Council Meeting at 11.00 on March 16thwith Bill as a reserve. At this point Martin flagged up the TAG (a commercial operation) request for airspace control to ground level over parts of Southern England and Lasham had called for a Judicial Review. The Royal Aero Club were due to discuss this matter and Martin would report back.

PRO Report. Martin Dilly thanked those present who had agreed to help at Alexandra Palace. There would be no advance tickets but Manny had a list of those attending. Martin would investigate car parking at the venue.

Safety Advisor’s Reports.Nothing to report.

Education Officer’s Reports. Nothing to report

Silent Flight Report. Dave Chinnery said that the intention was to hold the Bob Mahoney event at Middle Wallop on 3/4thAugust and that the charging details had been changed. He would also be asking for support for a Hayes event on 18th/19thMay. Bob Ryan mentioned the Interglide event at Hamilton Farm airstrip at Woodchurch, near Ashford on 20-23rdJune as well worth a visit with 60 pilots expected from across Europe.

Free Flight Report. Martin Dilly reported the loss of Area 8 on Salisbury Plain to a film company until mid-July 2019.

Helicopter Report. Nothing to report.

RC Power Report. Steve Brett mentioned proposed forthcoming events at Bickley: Fly In  on 4th/5thMay; EDF event for 9thJune; Fun Fly 21stJuly and Scale 17/18thAugust.

Fixed Wing Turbine Report. Nothing to report.

London Area Webmaster: Bill Wheeler reported that the site had received lots of hits but that he needed material. In this context it was agreed that John Lewis would send him and Dave Warren these minutes within a few days for posting.

AOB.Dave Warren and Martin Dilly initiated a brief discussion about how to encourage more clubs to send a representative to the meetings. Travel was seen as a major issue!

The Meeting closed at 21.05

Next Meeting :14thMarch 2019