BMFA London Area AGM Minutes 2021

By | November 6, 2022

Minutes of the London Area General Meeting for Thursday 11th November 2021 by ‘ZOOM’ AT 20.00

Present: Steve Brett (Bickley); John Lewis (Epping & North Weald); Tim Billings (Concord); Bob Ryan (Bickley); Martin Dilly (Croydon); Alan Robinson (Eynsford); Neil Bradshaw (FOOHLS)

Apologies: for absence; Dave Warren (Concord); Bill Wheeler (Bickley) Julie Fisher (Flyin’Fish)

Minutes of the previous Meeting: These were presented.

Matters Arising: Martin had left a message with Croydon but had heard nothing and would follow it up.He had been to the site and it was less than 100 yards from the main road.Bob Ryan said that an individual had applied to join Bickley but had been rejected.Martin felt that as the governing body we should inform Croydon of our concerns.Tim said that the individual had been thrown out of Concorde.Martin would check whether the individual was in the BMFA.

Chairman’s report.  very little in terms of items to report.

Vice Chairman’s report. Steve said that very little had happened apart from the Wings and Wheels Show which he had attended.

Secretary’s report. John Lewis reported that the committee had met 4 times over the year, twice as normal and twice using ‘Zoom’. The Area had again purchased the Pro Version of Zoom for use by London Area Clubs at a cost of £143 for a year license. Voting and presentations were possible with this system and, unlike the free version, there was no time limit.

Treasurer’s report. Tim Billings said that he had that he had little to report and funds currently stood at £1624.43.

Achievement Scheme Coordinator’s Report. Bob Ryan said that he had passed 6 A’s, failed 6As and passed 2 Bs -all fixed wing. Two attempts to be examiners had not gone through. Bob reemphasised  that if there was no CAA or RCC that people could not fly.There was likely to be a review of examiner’s currency as they were still ratified by clubs

London Area Delegate’s Report. Martin Dilly report that he had attended all Council meeting by ‘Zoom’.There was going to be a change in the way the Counvil was run with a change in the exec. And a reduction of Area Delegates,basically to save money.Duncan Mc Clure was keen to deemphasise the competitive influence on the Council.There was a strong feeling that the areas were not pulling their weight.TThe BMFA currently had 32 directors.Preparations were under way for the centenary of the BMFA beginning in July until the end of August and also plans for an exhibition at Buckminster

London Area P.R.O. Report. Martin mentioned the London Area Model Area Exhibition at Alexandra Palace at which London Area together with Southern Area manned the BMFA stand. Owing to COVID the show was not going to take place in 2022 but Martin did wonder at the financial viability of the show in the future.

Safety Advisor’s Reports. Bob Ryan reported: ’This year has been dominated by the COVID 19 crisis so consequently there is little to report. He reported that there had been nothing that dramatic with the emphasis on the reporting of accidents.He said that the BMFA had clarified what needed to be reported.If there were no reports people would think that we were not reporting.

Education Officer’s Reports. Nothing to report

Silent Flight Report.

Bob said that he had attended F5J comps and commented on the situation with Kent CC regarding model aircraft flying at various sites-Thurnham in particular which had been resolved as powered gliders could now be flown at Kent sites.

Free Flight Report. Martin Dilly reported that the site on Salisbury Plain had become available.The Croydon event had taken placeca few weeks ago and they would be asking for funding again next year

Helicopter Report. Alan Robinson reported that after a slow start after the covid restrictions being lifted both helis and quad attendance and events are returning, although still nowhere near the pre covid levels. There has been a few enquiries from new pilots looking at getting into the hobby that is always a good thing. Events have been successful this year with Helifest, full pitch and blades over Buckminster all having a good turnout and reports are all good from these, more locally emhc hosted the align tree team that had a good turnout, Cuffley and Harlington both had open days that were a great success. Emhc also held a more relaxed scale day/ open day in September which although not the numbers we have had in the past was well attended with some amazing scale helis. Of course for the season end was Charmouth that had a good turnout from London club members and turned out to be some of the best flying weather all year. To finish the year EMHC had an open day keyed towards supporting the helyshop team that was attended well with 30 plus pilots from both Hely shop, AT Models and other clubs in the area. 

The quad racing scene has made a come back with 3 racing events held at emhc with very good numbers and national events culminating in the event this weekend at Weston park. 

F3N and F3C have also had successful events with good numbers, back in July at the flying fish field, at Cuffley in August and the next one is the nationals at NOMADS. 

Planning for events next year with some dates already fixed and new members enquiries on the rise already.

RC Power Report. Steve Brett said that there had been two open weekends at Bickley an Open Day in June and a Scale Day in August and both had gone very well and Bickley were going to run 4 events in 2022.

Fixed Wing Turbine Report. Steve Brett said that due to COVID he had nothing to report.

London Area Webmaster: Nothing to report.

Election of Officers

Officers agreed to continue serving on the committee. In the light of the circumstances all the committee were unanimously elected with a return to the usual pattern next year.


Given the unusual circumstances it was decided that rather than having a normal meeting after the AGM that further issues would be dealt with under AOB.

1.Martin Dilly said that there were plans afoot to attempt a Guiness World Record for most model airplanes in the air at any one time-possibly on May 15thThere was a discussion about possiblrLondon Area events and a Fun Fly event was discussed-an Open Fun Fly and James Gordon would be contacted to choose a date


The next meeting will take place on Thursday 20th January at 20.00 at Pedham Place Golf Centre and the meeting finished at 21.15