London Area Minutes July 2021

By | November 6, 2022

Minutes of the London Area General Meeting for Thursday 1st July  2021 by ‘ZOOM’ AT 20.00

Present: Steve Brett (Bickley); John Lewis (Epping & North Weald); Tim Billings (Concord); Bob Ryan (Bickley); Alan Robinson (Eynsford) ; Bill Wheeler (Bickley)

Apologies: for absence; Dave Warren (Concord); Julie Fisher (Flyin’ Fish); Martin Dilly (Croydon);

Minutes of the previous Meeting: These were not presented.

Matters Arising: None

Chairman’s report. Steve Brett chaired the meeting. He said that £2040 had been received from the BMFA. There was nothing else to report.

Vice Chairman’s report. Nothing to report.

Secretary’s report. John Lewis suggested that the next meeting take place on Thursday 9th September with the AGM on Thursday 11th November.

Treasurer’s report. Tim Billings said that there was nothing to report apart from £1624.43 in the account before the BMFA input. It was noted that a Club had been fined £10,000 for opening during lockdown.

Achievement Scheme Coordinator’s Report. Nothing to report.

London Area Delegate’s Report. Martin Dilly’s circulated some interesting ideas from South East Area Chairman but these were received after the meeting.

London Area P.R.O. Report. Nothing to report.

Safety Advisor’s Reports. Bob Ryan reiterated the need to report incidents. In reply to a question from John Lewis, Bob said he would find out from the BMFA who actually saw the incident reports.  

Education Officer’s Reports. Nothing to report

Silent Flight Report. Nothing to report.

Free Flight Report. Nothing to report.

Helicopter Report. Nothing to report.

RC Power Report. Steve Brett said that he had nothing to report.

Fixed Wing Turbine Report. Steve Brett said that due to COVID he had nothing to report.

London Area Webmaster: Nothing to report.


The next meeting will take place on Thursday 9th September at 20.00 and the meeting finished at 20.17