BMFA London area minutes August 2020

By | November 6, 2022

Minutes of the London Area ‘Zoom’ Meeting for Thursday 27th August 2020

Present:  John Lewis (Epping & North Weald); Tim Billings (Concord); Bob Ryan (Bickley); Martin Dilly (Croydon); Alan Robinson (Eynsford); Bill Wheeler (Bickley)

Apologies: for absence; None

Minutes of the previous Meeting: N/A

Matters Arising: None

Chairman’s report. Nothing to report

Vice Chairman’s report. Nothing to report

Secretary’s report. Nothing to report

Treasurer’s report. Nothing to report

Achievement Scheme Coordinator’s Report. Nothing to report

London Area Delegate’s Report. Martin Dilly reported on recent Areas Council meetings to discuss a survey aimed at obtaining up to date information on what members (and non -members) want from the BMFA. To encourage wider participation it is planned to include responders in a draw with quite substantial prizes eg. £1000 first prize and several smaller ones. As Areas will not have spent their 2020 allocation from central funds it was suggested that they might make like to make a contribution towards this prize fund of say £200 per Area.

There was general agreement about this and £300 would be given, which led to a more widespread discussion about London Area finances. Alan Robinson, as a new committee member, asked what the money was used for and the Croydon event was mentioned in this context. He reported that Eynsford events were generally self-funding and COVID restrictions permitting he would pass on information to the committee about their next event. Bob Ryan raised the issue of travel expenses to the normal committee meeting venue at Pedham Golf Centre in Swanley and whether the committee needed to meet face to face in a post COVID world so often. There was a general agreement with Bob’s point of view and ‘Zoom’ meetings were both felt to work and might also have the advantage of encouraging representatives from other clubs to attend. It was felt that this needed to be discussed in the context of future meetings and the AGM.

PRO Report. Nothing to report

Safety Advisor’s Reports. Nothing to report

Education Officer’s Reports. Nothing to report.

Silent Flight Report. Nothing to report

Free Flight Report. Nothing to report

Helicopter Report. Alan Robinson commented on the next Eynsford event to which the Committee were invited.

RC Power Report. Nothing to report

Fixed Wing Turbine Report. Nothing to report.

London Area Webmaster: Nothing to report.


Date of next meeting: Thursday 10th September by ‘Zoom’. The Meeting closed at 20.35